Institutional Services

The Internal Revenue Code accords favorable tax treatment to life insurance and annuities.

Special insurance products, when properly designed, can enhance net investment returns in conjunction with appropriate planning techniques.

National Madison develops insurance arrangements and plans for specific industries to help increase net investment returns by lowering or eliminating specific tax liabilities.

Some of the problems we can help institutional investors address are:

Energy Industry

Working with an insurance company's actuaries, We have developed an institutionally priced SPIA to meet targeted funding obligations.

Tax-Exempt Investors

Tax-exempt entities are subject to Unrelated Business Taxable Income (“UBTI”) as a result of making certain investments such as debt-financed property, which is common in hedge fund investments. The traditional solution has been to use an offshore blocker corporation. We can now eliminate the need for such a blocker corporation and keep all investments onshore by using institutionally priced annuities.