The 9 Rules For Effective Planning

  1. Confirm the facts and your goals.

    This is the foundation for every successful plan.

  2. State the problem and understand the opportunities.

    The magnitude of the problem will dictate the elements of the solution.

  3. Make informed, empirical decisions.

    Base them on hard facts, as you would for a business decision.

  4. Plan for today and tomorrow.

    Design life insurance to provide long-duration, economic solution.

  5. Numbers are not everything.

    They don’t lie. But they have to be handled by experts so they produce lower costs.

  6. Take advantage of your better health care.

    We use your access to more sophisticated health care and the improved mortality it produces to differentiate you and lower your cost of insurance.

  7. Programs should work the first time and every time.

    In the right hands, life insurance products can offer better performance through diligent annual reviews.

  8. Don’t waste time, opportunities can be fleeting.

    Procrastination increases costs and leads to missed opportunities.

  9. Review your circumstances every few years.

    Facts and needs change. Your planning should adapt to new needs.